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Introducing Amy

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Each year, through the Neil Lovatt Memorial Fund, the Muskoka Woods Youth Foundation partners with organizations across Ontario to provide youth with a week of summer camp.

One of these organizations is CityKidz based in Hamilton Ontario, which works with children living in low-income communities. Amy attended with the other guests from CityKidz and had a blast! Keep reading to learn about her experience, as told by Missy, a CityKidz staff member:

“Driving to pick up Amy and the other 20 CityYouth who went to Muskoka Woods summer camp, I was excited to hear about how our youth had enjoyed the overnight adventure camp. Amy and many of the other CityYouth had never spent such a long time away from home.

As our driver, Dave, pulled our big red bus into the sports complex parking lot in Vaughan, the kids poured out of the coach buses that had carried them down from cottage country. Many of them were still in pajama pants. All of them looked exhausted.

It was a good sign. After a week of adventure, that kind of exhaustion can only mean one thing: TOO MUCH FUN!

As we drove along the 401 back to Hamilton, Amy filled us in about camp.

“I really liked guitar!” Amy enthused.

Learning the chords, strumming and picking techniques, and how to read music was challenging, but so rewarding as songs came together throughout her week at Muskoka Woods. Amy started taking music at school in the fall and camp presented her with an exciting opportunity to get in some practice before classes started up.

Dropping Amy off at her home on the mountain, you could tell that she was ready for a long rest. But by the way she talked about her time at Muskoka Woods, you could also tell that she was ready for whatever challenge awaited her.

“This girl, she’s going places,” says Missy.

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